Monday, June 12, 2006

Mark Goodacre on Redaction Criticism

Mark Goodacre has a nice little entry on the NT Gateway Webblog about "what's wrong with redaction criticism."

He also alludes to an "as yet unpublished" paper arguing that before Mark, it was Jesus who was seen as Elijah, and that JBap as Elijah was a Markan invention. Somewhat coincidentally, I'd been toying with a similar idea just last week (by "toying" I mean discussing with my wife who has no idea what I'm talking about); but I can't think of how to reconcile the general belief that Elijah would precede the Messiah with the clear attestation of Paul that Jesus was recognized as the Messiah very early. I'm not sure that Jesus can be both. Perhaps an Elijah-like figure, but his Messiah-ship (is that a word?) seems to supersede being viewed as Elijah in the same sense that Mark views JBap as such. It'll be interesting to see how Goodacre deals with this conundrum.

Update: Looking at Goodacre's CV, I'm presuming that this is either the same or a somewhat revised version of his 2002 paper to the SBL.

Update Redux: As the comments on Goodacre's blog indicate, I presumed correctly.


Chris Jones said...

You should read "The Scepter and the Star" by John Collins. This is an excellent survey of the variety of Messianic views from the beginning of the concept through the early 2nd century CE. Collins, incidentally, also writes an excellent form-critical analysis of the book of Daniel, if you're interested in more detailed look at Messianism in that bit of literature.

Rick Sumner said...

I've actually read bits and pieces of it, by virtue of checking references, but haven't read it through.

This book was also reccommended by "spin" on the IIDB. Thanks for the second opinion.