Monday, July 10, 2006

Opposite Day Today

Readers are encouraged to have a look at the "Opposite Day" posts on various Biblical Blogs. Rick Brannan, whose good friend Roberto argues that Paul could not possibly have written the Pastorals, and Loren Rosson III have kicked things off with the first of a promised two-part series by welcoming Guest Critic Leonard Ridge, who lambastes Loren's ("the Context-Group stooge of the biblioblogs") Honor-Shame sympathies as racist, stone-aged fascism. Other posts are to be forthcoming from Jim West, who will be welcoming Czech scholar Mij Tsew, who will emphasize the necessity of Fundamentalism, as well as a contribution from Richard Anderson

It's always a bit of a learning experience to take the role of your opponent. Still busy with moving and all, I was unfortunately unable to commit to anything this go 'round, but at some point in the future, expect a post from my good friend Ryan Saunders, who will suggest that apocalypticism is the product of misunderstanding, rather than Jesus' mission (the only position I hold steadfastly. . .I tend to waffle a lot).

Update: Mij Tsew has now weighed in on Jim West's 'blog.

Further Update: Lots of contributors today, here's a round-up (hopefully I don't miss anyone).

Carl Stephenson argued for the trustworthiness of Morton Smith over on Stephen C. Carlson's blog (and cited Yuri Kuchinsky no less!)
Leonard Ridge chimed in on the aforementioned post on The Busybody.
Brooks Vermuli argued that Matthew was a self-identifying Jew over on Chris Weimer's Thoughts on Antiquity.
Mij Tsew over on the Good Doc' Jim West's blog, as noted above.
Richard Anderson welcomes a guest post by the "Advocates for the Devil" over on dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos.
Hermann Acharias chimes in over on Danny Zacharias' blog on "Christian ethics and creation care"
Cardinal Sin pipes up on Chris Tilling's blog, Chrisendom, with a hilarious post on "Christian Counselling."
And of course, over on the 'blog that kicked it off, Rick Brannan welcomes his good friend Roberto to argue against Pauline authorship of the Pastorals.

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