Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wow. . .I've been included in Geoff Hudson's insanity. . .

For those who haven't seen Geoff Hudson's rants about how virtually everyone who posts on any e-list on the planet is in fact Jeffrey Gibson in disguise, prepare yourself for some lunacy. For those who have, enjoy another good laugh:

Ebla is a list that Jeffrey Gibson controls, although his name never appears in it. Gibson uses many false names on that list. One is Mark W. Ingalls. Others include: Peter Kirby, Finelly - "I'm new here", Angakuk, and Rick Sumner whose wife miraculously had a baby following a hysterectomy. The miraculous conception is typical of Gibson's Jesuit imagination. It reminds me of the time one of his other characters Dierk Van den Berg (who appears on various Gibson's lists) was shot while in Iraq, but miraculously recovered.

"Miraculously?" No, I'm afraid no miracle. Just medical irresponsibility (though it worked out in our favor).

Ah, how bland would life be without the insane.

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Chris Weimer said...

I did a little investigative work on Geoff Hudson. I post it later when my website works again. (Stupid host maintenance.)