Sunday, August 13, 2006

A bit of an anomaly

While I would, to be honest, normally never bother with either this book, or any reveiw of it, it's oddly gratifying to see a conservative book on the Bible get panned by the popular media for being, well, conservative.

The Everything History of the Bible Book has decent material, mixed with stuff that Falwell and Robertson would love. The handy information and appealing style make it worth reading. But Donley's own advice, at book's end, is worth remembering: "Look at all the evidence, be logical, and most importantly, think for yourself."

Bible guide interesting, not impartial. A review of Jeffrey Donley's The Everything History of the Bible Book

As an aside for anyone interested, the NPP series is slated to resume tomorrow.

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Timothy Ministries said...

I totally agree. I loved the book.