Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Blogger Beta

Readers may notice the new layout--I'm not a big fan, but it's the best available, IMO, that takes advantage of the new blogger features available in the Blogger Beta.

Particularly useful, bloggers now have the option of using tags. I hadn't really appreciated how useful tags would be until I started by series on the New Perspective on Paul (which, by the way, will continue either later today or tomorrow AM. Things keep preventing me from getting to it, but the weekend is, for the most part, quite free). Fortunately, before I finished it, tags were available. So the entire series can be accessed from one link Which is quite useful indeed. My only caveat is that they're in descending chronological order (I'd prefer ascending), but I'm sure there will be a hack to get around that before it's out of beta.

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