Thursday, May 03, 2007

Peter Kirby has Re-entered the Blogosphere

The title says it all. Peter's new 'blog is called The Darkling Thrush

From it's maiden post:

A good prototype is rapidly developed and then thrown away, as an experiment intended to reveal what would go into the actual construction of the eventual design. This is a blog that is not left as being "indefinite" in its duration, but will go on only until I feel the experimental writing activity undertaken here has enabled me to throw it away and begin the real task of constructing a philosophy and a faith. This may be weeks or months, but the end is always imminent for this blog.

And from another shortly after:

The subject of this blog is my faith. It is therefore a personal endeavor, in addition to being a social endeavor, because it affects me personally. I will have opportunities to talk about the forces at work here, the issues at stake, and perhaps--just maybe--a little bit of insight into the questions with which we all wrestle.

While his new 'blog is clearly more theological and personal than "biblioblogger" in bent, I'd still encourage readers to have a look.

1 comment:

Peter Kirby said...

Thanks Rick.

What little competence I could claim for history research, I must entirely disavow in theology.

In this I am truly flying by the seat of my pants, and ask your guidance and more than a little patience. I don't mind if I am coming from left field, so long as I am in a position to catch the ball some of the time. Tap me on the shoulder if I'm actually in the parking lot.