Friday, November 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

I am still left wondering what one has really gained by the application of the criteria of authenticity. If I apply these criteria to a given saying or deed, what assurance will it provide for me? Does it really anchor the idea in the historical person of Jesus? Can we really separate the authors from their traditions? Can we really distinguish the author’s historical point of view from the story they narrate? The fact is these criteria cannot be applied neutrally and will be affected by the one using them. Moreover, it is unrealistic to think that these criteria can act as a neutral arbiter between two competing views.

Joel Willitts, Presuppositions and Procedures in the Study of the ‘Historical Jesus’: Why I Decided Not to be an Historical Jesus Scholar, JSHJ 3.1, p.107

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scott gray said...

what is his, and your, understanding of authenticity?