Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Quote of the Day

I don't have much time for this anymore, but can't resist sharing this gem from Jacob Neusner

It is the simple fact that people may say whatever they wish about "the Jesus of history," there being no appeal to a common court of evidence, method, argument, rational exchange of opinion; if anything goes, then nothing can go right.

Jacob Neusner, Who Needs The Historical Jesus

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. The whole review was brilliant.

"What has that incarnate God to do with Meier's results achieved with "the scientific tools of modern historical research"? In the case of research on ancient rabbis, or on the historical Socrates for that matter, who ever heard of the requirement that the results emphasize "the embarrassing, non- conformist aspects," and what biography of Caesar Augustus subverts any ideologies? At stake for Meier are profoundly religious sentiments and experiences, and to these, historical facts are simply, monumentally irrelevant."