Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Richard Carrier's "On the Historicity of Jesus" to be published by Sheffield-Phoenix

Richard Carrier today announced that his new volume, On the Historicity of Jesus, has passed peer-review and will be published by Sheffield-Phoenix.  I freely confess that I emphatically did not expect this to happen, and thoroughly anticipated his self-publication of the volume.  Observes Carrier:

Indeed, apart from Brodie’s brief confessional treatise supportive of myth (but not comprehensively arguing for it), which was also published by Sheffield-Phoenix (Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus, released last year–see my review: Brodie on Jesus), I think this will be the first pro-Jesus myth book of any kind published by a university press in the last fifty years.
As Carrier also observes, this is a big deal, and given the current zeitgeist is likely to encourage real engagement.  While I have my disagreements with Carrier's first volume (Proving History, I'm also not mathematician enough to weigh on its principle thesis), I'm nonetheless delighted to see an academic press take interest in the topic.

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